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Armenian Street, Singapore

Armenian Street (Chinese: 亚米尼亚街) is a street in Central Singapore located in the Museum Planning Area. The street covers a short distance that starts from Coleman Street and ends at the junction of Stamford Road and Waterloo Street. The road houses a couple of landmarks including The Substation and the Old Tao Nan School which is the Peranakan Museum, part of the Asian Civilisations Museum. The museum officially opened in 2008.

The street borrowed its name from the nearby Armenian Church, and was built by George Drumgoole Coleman in 1835, making it the oldest church in the island. The street existed since Coleman's 1836 Map of Singapore, but was not named. The Chinese used to call the street seng poh sin chu au (the back of Seng Poh's new building). Tan Seng Poh, son of Tan Ah Hua, the Capitan China of Perak and brother-in-law of Seah Eu Chin was a rich 19th century opium and spirit farmer who was the first Chinese to serve on the Municipal Commission.

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