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Baey Yam Keng (马炎庆; 馬炎慶; Mǎ Yánqìng; born 31 August 1970) is a Singaporean politician. A member of the governing People's Action Party (PAP), he has served as Senior Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Transport since his promotion in May 2018. He served as Senior Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth from May 2018 to July 2020 and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth from October 2015 to his promotion in May 2018. He has served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tampines GRC for Tampines North since May 2011 and served as the MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC for Queenstown from May 2006 to April 2011.


Before entering politics, Baey held executive positions in the Economic Development Board amongst others. He was a managing director at Hill & Knowlton until resigning in 2012 to devote his time to his constituency.[1]

Political career[]

In Feb 2007 Baey Yam Keng, was named as one of the members in the 'new media capabilities group', which executes the strategies of counter-insurgency against its online critics. It has 'members going into Internet forums and blogs to rebut anti-establishment views and putting up postings anonymously'.[2]

In Dec 2013, Baey, who is known for sharing snippet of his life on social media,[3] attracted controversy when he mentioned the price he paid for his rice meal and drink in one of his constituency's food stall, which was below the full price for others who tried to ordered the same meal in the same stall. He later approached the stall owner who clarified he had given him undisclosed discount out of goodwill. Baey later publicized that stall will offer a limited period of time (21 to 22 Dec) up to 100 customers per day to enjoy the special offer which the stall owner would donate all proceeds to the Tampines North welfare fund to help needy residents. He also shared how one of his activists gave support by pledging dollar for dollar for the same fund.[4][5]

In June 2014, Baey was reported to called for legal action against those who had vandalised the article about the PAP on Wikipedia, which had been the subject of an edit war between vandals and editors overseas on 12 and 13 June,[6] he later clarified that he did not ‘call on ruling party to consider legal action’ as wiki page edit are not priority for legal action.[7]

Baey Yam Keng was co-opted into the PAP's Central Executive Committee (CEC) in 2015, after initial appointee Mr Zaqy Mohamad informed the CEC he was unable to proceed with his appointment due to regulatory compliance reasons, as his employer was auditing the PAP.[8] He has since left the committee.[9]


Baey is the founding president and producer of a theatre group named The ETCeteras. In 2014, Baey had a lead acting role in a play written and directed by his wife Lim Hai Yen, titled Like Me. I Like.[10]

Personal life[]

Baey and his wife, playwright and director Lim Hai Yen, have three children.[11] He was educated at Catholic High School and Hwa Chong Junior College and graduated from the Imperial College London (BSc) and University College London (MSc) on EDB scholarships.[12]


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