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Central was a Singaporean English and Tamil language free-to-air television channel. Its programming schedule was composed of three timeshared channels on its frequency slot: Kids Central, Vasantham Central and Arts Central.

Previously, Indian-related programming was broadcast along with Malay-language programmes on Prime 12, while Premiere 12's schedule consisted of arts, documentaries and kids shows.

MediaCorp Central was closed down on 19 October 2008 when Vasantham Central relaunched as the standalone channel Vasantham. Arts Central and Kids Central were merged into a single channel named okto, with kids, arts and sports programming. Template:Toclimit


Prime 12 was launched on 1 September 1995, including Tamil-language programming on its schedule. Premiere 12 was launched to include children's TV series (mainly for a preschooler audience) and sports coverage. Premiere 12 later included Tamil-language series and was rebranded as Central, on 30 January 2000.

Central's programming schedule was composed of three timeshared channels: Kids Central, focused on kids' programming; Vasantham Central, a Tamil-language programming block; and Arts Central centred on cultural programming.

On 19 October 2008, Central was dissolved. Vasantham Central on-air time was extended to form Vasantham, an independent channel focused on the Indian community of Singapore, as announced in January 2008 by the Parliament. Meanwhile, Kids Central and Arts Central were merged into a single channel named Okto, which took Channel i's frequency.

Timeshared channels[]

Vasantham Central[]

File:Mediacorp vasantham central logo.png

Logo of Vasantham Central

Vasantham Central was focused to the Tamil community of Singapore, broadcasting Indian-produced dramas, variety, news, information, and entertainment shows in Tamil language. The station offered hours of programming on weekdays and on weekends, with approximately a quarter of local content.

The Children's Day Telemovie Special Matchstick was awarded the Certificate of Distinction at the New York Festivals in 2004. The channel conducted acting workshops, training and events such as Mother's Day celebrations in Tekka Mall.

Arts Central[]

File:Mediacorp arts central logo.png

Logo of Arts Central

Arts Central consisted on cultural-focused programming, with magazine shows, in-depth documentaries, performances, art-house movies, adult animation and short films. Arts Central offered 20 hours of programming per week.

In 2001, both Hanging by the Thread and AlterAsian received a Finalist status at the New York Festival, and in 2007, the I-Collector series placed as runners-up in the Asian TV Awards. E channel also broadcast delayed relay simulcast coverage of international sports events including the Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, Summer Paralympic Games, Winter Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games, Asian Youth Games and Youth Olympic Games.

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