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An informal Australian and New Zealand word for "toilet", usually located on the outside of a main building and with a simple structure. Such a toilet may also be referred to as a "dunny-can".

  • "I need to go to the dunny."
  • "I jus' dropped a fat shit in the dunny."

By extension, it may also refer to a person who lies as much as he defaecates and who rarely bathes or changes clothes which allows him to maintain a highly unpleasant odour that can only be described as the "must".

  • "That dude that said he had a 10-inch dick was such a dunny."
  • "This room stinks. Yeah, that dunny left the must."

A Scottish word for an underground passage or cellar, especially in a tenement.

An African-American slang word for "friend" or "homie".

  • What up dunny?
  • How's it goin' dunny?

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