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LASALLE College of the Arts (informally LASALLE) is a post-secondary arts institution in Singapore. Founded in 1984, LASALLE boasts eight art and design schools that offer more than 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in contemporary arts and design education.[1] LASALLE's bachelor's and master's degrees are validated by Goldsmiths College, University of London, one of the leading universities in the world for Arts and Humanities.[2]

Many leaders in the Singapore arts scene are linked to LASALLE, including Alan Oei as artistic director of The Substation and Eugene Tan as director of the National Gallery Singapore.[3]

LASALLE is Singapore's first local homegrown institution to be awarded the EduTrust Star, a certification that acknowledges LASALLE's quality education services.[4] It was also awarded the Green Mark Gold Award by the Building and Construction Authority, for its contribution to sustainability and environment awareness in the development of the McNally campus.[5]

LASALLE's main campus, known as the McNally Campus, occupies a one-hectare site in the Rochor area of Singapore. The McNally Campus was designed by RSP Architects Planners & Engineers and has won awards internationally. Its second campus, Winstedt Campus, is located near the Newton area.


File:LASALLE New City Campus interior.jpg

Interior of the City Campus.

LASALLE moved to its new city campus at 1 McNally Street in 2007, and was re-branded as LASALLE College of the Arts. The Winstedt Campus opened in 2013, giving the College an additional 5,000 square metres of studio and workshop space.[6]

McNally Campus

The McNally Campus is located in the Rochor area of Singapore, which is part of Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority zoning of an Arts, Culture, Learning and Entertainment hub.[7] The campus offers 1,500 square metres of contemporary art exhibition and gallery spaces, and is also equipped with the region's first Theatre and Art Production Workshop for the construction of full-scale stage sets. It also has a variety of facilities that are accessible to students, including 10 computer labs, 6 classrooms, 3 lecture theatres, and 56 studios.

Winstedt Campus

As LASALLE's second campus, the Winstedt Campus is located near the Newton area. The campus was designed for students involved in studio-based modules, such as the visual arts, to develop and complete their semester projects. It is equipped with 14 Fine Arts, Media Arts & Design Studios, 4 Fine Arts and Design technical workshops, 7 computer labs, and 5 classrooms.



The late Brother Joseph McNally, the founder of LASALLE College of the Arts, was known for his outstanding educational and artistic contributions in Singapore, which he made his home in 1946.[8] He spent almost 40 years in Singapore teaching in various affiliated schools of the De La Salle Order including St. Joseph's Institution and St. Patrick's Secondary School. Upon retirement, Brother Joseph decided to follow through with his vision to elevate the arts culture in Singapore, holding the belief that the arts is instrumental to a nation.

In 1984, Brother Joseph founded LASALLE College of the Arts. Originally known as the St Patrick's Arts Centre, the institution was funded largely through Brother Joseph's own pocket, given the low priority, the Singapore government placed on the arts at that time. As an integrated arts college, the first cohort had a strength of 27 students who were offered diplomas in Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Music.[9]

In 1993 [10], Brother Joseph's effort in securing resources finally paid off when Singapore Airlines contributed S$15 million to enhance campus facilities.[11] The college was subsequently renamed LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. Other financial contributors to the college include the Khoo, Lee, Shaw and Hong Leong Foundations, and Airbus Industries.[9] In the same year, an agreement was formalised with Australia's RMIT University for its bachelor's degree in Fine Arts to be awarded to graduates of LASALLE's Fine Arts programme.


Following the government's plans to rejuvenate Singapore's art space, LASALLE began receiving financial support from the Ministry of Education. At LASALLE's 10th anniversary celebration in 1995, then-Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong remarked that LASALLE played an important role in developing artists and their audience in Singapore, and announced that the Singapore government would be extending financial assistance to the college by providing an estimated sum of $4 million in grants.[12] The college also started offering degrees, designed and developed in Singapore, to support the local and regional creative industries.[13]


In 2010, LASALLE launched the MA Asian Art Histories programme, the first of its kind worldwide. Its focus is on Asian modern and contemporary art, where students are able to investigate recently emerged artists and movements within the geographical domain, and undertake a plethora of research subjects.[11] In 2012, LASALLE established a partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London, to introduce 14 publicly funded undergraduate arts degree programmes. A year later, the college introduced the MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice Programme. Its most recent programmes include MA Creative Writing and MA Design, bringing its range of programmes to more than 30.

Partner institution[]

LASALLE is a partner institution of Goldsmiths, University of London, renowned for having a creative and innovative approach to arts teaching and research. Goldsmiths has approved LASALLE as an appropriate tertiary institution in Singapore to offer degree programmes leading to Goldsmiths’ validated awards. All degree programmes offered at LASALLE have been designed and developed by LASALLE to fulfill the needs of the creative industries in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. These programmes have been validated through a process of external peer review by Goldsmiths' College, University of London, as being of an appropriate standard and quality to lead to a Goldsmiths' award.

Schools and programmes[]

LASALLE has eight distinct schools offering a range of arts and design programmes.

All Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) programmes are offered in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London.[2][14]

School of Contemporary Music

The School of Contemporary Music has two diploma programmes: Diploma in Audio Production and Diploma in Music. The School also offers a BA(Hons) Music programme, which has five specialisations in Pop, Jazz, Classical, Composition or Electronic Music.

Students often continue into the music industry, with notable alumni including singer Kit Chan, composer Philip Tan, and DJ/producer Kate Yong aka DJ Tinc.

McNally School of Fine Arts

The School of Fine Arts involves all levels of education for Fine Arts, with contemporary research and practice-based programmes including Diploma in Fine Arts, BA(Hons) Fine Arts, and MA Fine Arts. The School offers a variety of Fine Arts disciplines, including sculpture, printmaking, drawing installation, photography, technology-based art, performance art, interdisciplinary art, and critical studies in art history and theory. The School also offers MA Asian Art Histories, which is the first MA programme worldwide to focus on Asian modern and contemporary art.[15]

School of Dance & Theatre

The School of Dance & Theatre focuses on dance and performance. For dance, the School's programmes include Diploma in Dance and BA(Hons) Dance. The four branches of dance techniques taught by LASALLE can be categorised into Urban Dance, Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary Dance. For performance, the School's programmes include Diploma in Performance, BA(Hons) Acting, and BA(Hons) Musical Theatre. The School also offers a Diploma in Technical and Production Management.

It is common for programmes under the School of Dance & Theatre to collaborate with other Schools, such as the Puttnam School of Film & Animation and the School of Contemporary Music.[16]

School of Creative Industries

The School of Creative Industries offers programmes that focus on the development and expansion of creative industries. Programmes include foundation courses such as a Certificate in English Language for the Creative Arts. The School also has a BA(Hons) Arts Management programme.

Additionally, there are five postgraduate programmes, including:

  • MA Arts and Cultural Management,
  • MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice which is the first of its kind in the region,[17]
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Pedagogy and Practice,
  • MA Art Therapy,
  • MA Creative Writing

School of Fashion

The School of Fashion offers one Diploma and two Honours Degree programmes. The Diploma in Fashion programme has components in Textile Design, Marketing, Styling, and Art Direction, while the BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles programme, has four specialisations: Womenswear, Menswear, Creative Pattern Cutting, or Fashion Textiles. There is also a BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries programme, which offers two specialisations, the first comprising Fashion Journalism, Styling, Art Direction, Fashion Photography, and the second comprising Marketing and Branding, Fashion Curation, Entrepreneurship.

LASALLE holds an annual Graduate Fashion Show. In 2015, LASALLE's Graduate Fashion Show was part of Singapore Fashion Week.

School of Spatial & Product Design

The School of Spatial & Product Design offers a Diploma programme, Diploma in Interior Design, and two Honours Degree programmes, BA(Hons) Product Design and BA(Hons) Interior Design. Numerous students from this School have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.Template:Citation needed

Alumni often continue into design industries, such as interior design, architectural practice, furniture design, and product design.

School of Design Communication

The School of Design Communication consists of a Diploma in Design Communication programme, which involves disciplines of Graphic Design, Advertising, and Illustration. The School also has BA(Hons) Design Communication and MA Design programmes. In 2017, the School hosted Open Studios to showcase the works of Design Communication students.

Many alumni have continued into the advertising industry with notable creative practitioners like Creative Director Ang Sheng Jin of MullenLowe Profero Singapore and Art Director Sid Lim Xian Hao of DDB Singapore.

Puttnam School of Film & Animation

The Puttnam School of Film & Animation focuses on animation, broadcast media, and film.

For animation, the School has a Diploma in Animation and a BA(Hons) Animation Art programme where students can specialise in either 2D or 3D animation. These programmes also have practical components such as Acting for Animation, and Drawing Classes and Programming. Animation students often work with external partners, such as the partnership between LASALLE students and local company Presence Pictures in which students transformed their 3D videos into virtual reality.[18]

For broadcast media, the School offers a Diploma in Broadcast Media. Students collaborate with other programmes, such as Music, Fashion, Film, Animation, Technical and Production Management, Fine Arts, and LASALLE's Media Lab.[19]

For film, the School offers a BA(Hons) Film programme. Award-winning filmmaker Boo Junfeng, as an alumnus of the Puttnam School and recipient of the McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts, has launched a successful career in filmmaking. Boo's debut film Sandcastle is the first Singaporean film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival.[20]


LASALLE offers multiple scholarships to eligible students. Eligible students are able to receive grants and subsidised tuition fees. LASALLE students, from Diploma, BA(Hons), and postgraduate programmes may also apply for externally sponsored scholarships.

Scholarships for Diploma students

New Diploma students are specifically eligible for two scholarships, including the Dare to Dream Scholarship and Peter Seah Scholarship.

Dare to Dream Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to Diploma students with special needs, who have demonstrated good performance, track record, and/or relevant experience in their chosen field of study. It is solely for Singapore citizens who are medically certified about their special needs. The scholarship is worth SGD4,500 per academic year for a maximum of three years.

LASALLE graduate Isabelle Lim is the first recipient of the scholarship.[21]

Peter Seah Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to Diploma students who achieved outstanding performance in their chosen art discipline while engaging with activities outside coursework. It is for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents. The scholarship is worth up to a maximum of SGD5,400 for one academic year.

New Diploma students are also privy, along with BA(Hons) students, to apply for the Future Leader Scholarship and Tay Chay Bing Scholarship.

Scholarships for undergraduate students

New BA (Hons) students are eligible for the Tan Chay Bing Scholarship and Future Leader Scholarship.

Tan Chay Bing Scholarship

The scholarship is designed to attract talent, promote excellence and develop leaders in the arts and creative industries. Eligible students must have an impressive academic record with either a portfolio, audition, or interview stage. It is for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents, with a worth up to a maximum of SGD10,000 for one academic year.

Future Leader Scholarship

The scholarship recognises the most talented BA (Hons) students with excellent academic achievement, strong leadership potential, and passion for the arts. All nationalities are applicable, with a worth up to a maximum of SGD10,000 for one academic year.

Scholarships for postgraduate students

New MA students are applicable to apply for the LASALLE Scholarship for MA Studies.

LASALLE Scholarship for MA Studies

This scholarship identifies the most talented new MA students based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, and passion for the arts. All nationalities are applicable, with a worth of up to a maximum of SGD5,000 for the entire MA course.


A Nielsen survey highlighted that nine in 10 LASALLE alumni are currently employed, happy with their jobs, and find skills taught in school relevant at work.[22][23] More than 700 former LASALLE students were surveyed.

Various LASALLE alumni, also known as A-Luminaries, that are recognised as notable professionals in the arts and design industries include:

  • Kit Chan, singer and actress
  • Amanda Heng, international arts practitioner
  • Singapore-based contemporary art and design collective PHUNK
  • Rizman Putra, theatre performer and visual artist Rizman Putra
  • Nic Wong, designer for local labels 'Saturday' and 'Cruise'; Keeping up with Nic Wong
  • Yuni Hadi, executive director of SGIFF and co-producer of Ilo Ilo[24]
  • Boo Junfeng, filmmaker
  • Manuela Bruntraeger, Miss Singapore Universe 2017
  • Tay Bee Aye, multi-disciplinary visual artist
  • Marcus Tay, singer, runner-up of SPOP Sing![25]

While the majority of LASALLE alumni are based in Singapore, it is common for alumni to engage with countries like China, Malaysia, the United States of America, Australia, and Indonesia in their management of multi-country projects.[26]

Accolades and Achievements[]

LASALLE College of the Arts, with the involvement of students, staff, and alumni, is the recipient of many accolades and achievements. Some of these awards include:

Cultural Medallion[]

The Cultural Medallion recognises individuals whose artistic excellence, along with contribution and commitment to the arts, have enriched Singapore's arts and cultural landscapes. Notable LASALLE alumni recipients include performance artist Lee Wen, Chinese Ink artist Chua Ek Kay, as well as contemporary arts practitioner Amanda Heng.

Young Artist Award[]

The Young Artist Award encourages the development of young artistic talents in Singapore, for practitioners aged 35 years and below. Numerous LASALLE alumni and students have received the Young Artist Award, including:

  • Multi-disciplinary installation and performance artist Ezzam Rahman
  • Theatre actor, playwright and director Ian Loy
  • Filmmaker Jow Zhi Wei
  • Dance artist and dance writer Lee Mun Wai
  • Theatre director Natalie Hennedige

The Crowbar Awards[]

Organised by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore, the Crowbar Awards encourages emerging young creatives to showcase their best works. LASALLE has been awarded Institution of the Year for three consecutive years, since the inauguration of the award. LASALLE students often feature as recipients of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in the competition. In 2016, a total of 57 LASALLE students received 6 Gold, 14 Silver, and 20 Bronze Awards across the various categories of advertising, design, photography, interactive, and film. LASALLE students also won the 24-hour advertising challenge for news and lifestyle website AsiaOne.[27]

Red Dot Design Award[]

The Red Dot Design Award is administered by Red Dot Singapore Pte Ltd. every year. As a prestigious design award globally, the award recognises the need to identify and celebrate new design concepts and innovation. LASALLE students who have received Red Dot Design Awards and Honourable Mentions include:

  • Ronald Tan (BA(Hons) Product Design) for Swash in the Domestic Aid category
  • Jonathan Saphiro Salim (BA(Hons) Product Design) for PIPÉRINE and CRYSTALLINE in the Domestic Aid category[28]
  • Yang Yang (Diploma in Product Design) for Communi Cross in the Workplace category[29]

President’s Young Talents[]

Inaugurated by Singapore Art Museum in 2001, the President's Young Talents recognises young artists under the age of 35. The award involves participating in the mentoring and commissioning exhibition programme. A number of LASALLE alumni were recipients of the award, including:

  • Filmmaker Boo Junfeng
  • Artist Zaki Razak
  • Visual artist Ryf Zaini
  • Media artist Ong Kian Peng
  • Multi-disciplinary artist Ezzam Rahman
  • Music producer Oliver Denzel Lee


In February 2016, two items that were part of the group show "Fault-lines: Disparate and desperate intimacies" were removed from artist Loo Zihan's installation "Queer objects: An archive for the future". This action was agreed between ICA Singapore staff, curator Wong Binghao and Loo Zihan, and was due to the nature of the objects which could be potentially considered offensive to some members of the public.[30] The items were a penis sheath and a butt plug. The ICA Singapore, curator and artist emphasised that the decision was taken to make the exhibition accessible to all, including students of the LASALLE College of the Arts, half of whom are under 18 years old.[31]


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