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The headquarters of the Law Society of Singapore at South Bridge Road

The Law Society of Singapore is the organisation that represents all lawyers in Singapore. It publishes the Law Gazette and operates a scheme for needy people to benefit from legal services free-of-charge.[1] The Society also sets out rules for how lawyers should advertise.[2] The Law Society is analogous to what is called the Bar Association in many countries.

The society motto is "An Advocate for the Profession, An Advocate for the Community."


Year President
1963–1964 C. C. Tan
1965 Mr Po Guan Hock
1966 C. F. J. Ess
1967 C. C. Tan
1968 H. P. Godwin
1969–1972 G. Starforth Hill
1973–1974 M. Karthigesu
1975–1977 H. L. Wee
1978 M. Karthigesu
1979 Phyllis P. L. Tan
1980–1983 T. P. B. Menon
1984–1985 Harry Elias SC
1986 Francis Seow
1987–1989 Giam Chin Toon SC
1990–1992 C. R. Rajah SC
1993–1994 Peter Cuthbert Low
1995–1997 Chandra Mohan K. Nair
1998–1999 George Lim Teong Jin SC
2000–2002 Palakrishnan SC
2003 Arfat Selvam
2004–2007 Philip Jeyaretnam SC
2008 – July 2010 Michael Hwang SC
Aug 2010 – 2012 Wong Meng Meng SC
2013–2014 Lok Vi Ming SC
2015–2016 Thio Shen Yi SC
2017 – current Gregory Vijayendran SC

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