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The Ministry of Law (Abbreviation: MinLaw; Kementerian Undang-Undang; |律政部) is a ministry of the Government of Singapore responsible for ensuring that Singapore's legal infrastructure is clear, efficacious and transparent. It is currently led by Minister for Law K Shanmugam.


Advancing access to justice, the rule of law, the economy and society through policy, law and services.

Organisational structure[]

The Ministry of Law comprises

  • Headquarters (HQ)
  • Three departments (Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office, Legal Aid Bureau and Community Mediation Unit, the last of which oversees the Community Mediation Centres located at The Treasury and at the Subordinate Courts of Singapore)
  • Three boards and tribunals (Appeals Board for Land Acquisitions, Land Surveyors Board and Copyright Tribunal)
  • Two statutory boards (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and Singapore Land Authority)

HQ's policy divisions consist of

  • Legal Policy Division
  • International Legal Division
  • Legal Industry Division
  • Policy Advisory Division
  • Land Policy Division
  • Intellectual Property Policy Division
  • Community Legal Services Division

List of ministers[]

See Minister for Law (Singapore)

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