File:OrainCoolLogoDotCom.png was a wiki farm by moochers for moochers. It allowed freeloaders to operate wikis without paying anything or hosting ads. It was known for hosting TV Tropes fork AllTheTropes, Metapedia fork Rightpedia, and furry porn RPG site Corruption of Champions. Orain was founded in July 2013 by Wikipedians "Dusti" and "Kudu", who almost immediate set out to beg other wikis to join them. In September 2015, a haxxor deleted everything and redirected all visitors to the domain to PornHub.

DDoS attacks and hacksEdit

On January 22, 2015, Template:Archive sysop John Lewis's departure from Orain. A few days later, Dusti discovered that the domain had somehow been sold, Template:Archive based on CheckUser data, and contacted law enforcement. An investigation later proved Lewis to be innocent, proving that the CheckUser tool that Wikipedians embrace so much is unreliable.

In May 2015, Orain was hit by DDoS attacks that caused Orain's host DigitalOcean to shut down access to IPv4 visitors. Afterwards, Orain adopted CloudFlare while Orain's most boisterous staffer whined.

On September 2015, Orain was fatally compromised. The official explanation given by Orain staff is as follows:

It seems that the attacker used a social engineering attack of some kind in combination with a malicious alteration to our DNS MX records (which tell email servers where to send emails) to gain access to our CloudFlare and DigitalOcean accounts, allowing them to gain full access to our domain zone and full root access to all our servers.

Whether the three aforementioned incidents are connected is unknown.

There hasn't been any updates from the Orain staffers since November 2015.

Possible culpritsEdit

A possible culprit behind the Orain hack is its own cofunder, Dustin Muniz. The evidence is as follows:

After IndieGoGo fees, Dustin probably made off with around $2000.

Others at first believed the attack was orchestrated by John Lewis to promote his new farm, but he did not have the access necessary to pull it off.

Dusti just vanishedEdit

Many months later, no updates on Orain and Dusti has vanished. There's no way it would take them this long to prove his identity and restore the site. Dusti's Wikipedia talk page has been full of unanswered questions, though mostly archived by a bot, just one remains:


Dusti--I wonder what he's doing nowadays? Probably the same thing Tourette's Guy says about the man who played Data on Star Trek.


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