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PLUTO magazine, formerly known as PLUguide, is guide for gay men published in Singapore. Both the hard copy and PDF versions are distributed free of charge.


PLUguide was founded by Lawrence Chia who saw the need and viability of a free PLU map in Singapore when he had many friends asking him for directions to PLU venues. A survey was conducted and the feedback from the PLU business owners was positive.

The first PLUguide Singapore was released in April 2004 with much support from the Singapore PLU business owners. It was published bi-monthly and by the third issue, the PLU community in Singapore had one way or another heard about PLUguide. Demand for the guide grew with some issues subsequently going out of print.

With such overwhelming success, PLUguide decided to spread its wings. The first step in regional expansion was in August 2004 with the release of the first issue of PLUguide Malaysia. Starting with only Kuala Lumpur, the second issue grew with the inclusion of Johor Bahru and subsequently, Penang in the third issue.

In April 2005, PLUguide Thailand - Bangkok was introduced in Thailand to cool reception due to aggressive competition from similar local PLU publications. However with its unique cosmopolitan look, it finally won over the hearts of the Bangkok PLU community.

But all was not a bed of roses, the first issue of PLUguide Thailand - Phuket was released in October 2005. Unfortunately, it was to be the first and only issue mainly due to the effect of the tsunami in December 2004 to the Phuket tourism industry. After much consideration, the publication of PLUguide Thailand - Phuket was ceased.

In line with expansion plans, PLUguide Hong Kong was released in February 2006 followed by PLUguide Taiwan in October 2006. By then, PLUguide had reached 5 countries with more editions in the pipeline.


Stakeholders realised that publishing too many different editions of PLUguide was not a viable option. Out of necessity, the idea of compiling all the countries into one concise edition emerged. Thus, PLUTO was conceived with the intention to inform, entertain and ultimately provide a showcase of the Asian PLU community from an Asian perspective.

PLUTO is an acronym for People Like Us Travel Orbit and it represents a sphere of travel activity for “People Like Us” (PLU). This name was also chosen because Pluto was a planet that had recently been denounced as a planet and that was symbolic of the ostracism that most PLUs had to live with.

PLUTO heralded a new era for PLUguide with many more good things planned for the future.




由於得到許多同志生意老闆們的支持,新加坡第一份同志指南在2004年4月面世了。並在隔月出版了第二版和第三版, 漸漸的該同志指南得到了新加坡同志社團的注意。由於市場的需求而該指南也出現了供不應求的情況。


在2005年4月,同志指南泰國-曼谷版在泰國發行時受到當地同業間競爭激烈而反應變得冷淡。然而以它獨特的國際化特色, 最終它贏得了在曼谷的同志社團朋友的心並得到他們熱烈的支持。


根據拓展計劃,同志指南香港版在2006年2月發刊了。同志指南台灣版也在隨後的2006年10月發行,那時,同志指南的發行已遍佈5個國家,而其他地區版的同志指南也在計畫當中。但出版許多不同地方的版本並不是一個可行的方式。情況所需, 將所有國家精要地編寫在一起的想法湧現了。因而, 同遊誌產生和構思出來的最終目的就是資訊和娛樂,提供一個能透視亞洲同志社群的展示視窗。

同遊誌是同志旅遊雜誌的縮略詞,英文名為PLUTO(冥王星)是People Like Us Travel Orbit的首字母縮略詞。選擇冥王星為書名,因為它本來是太陽系的一份子,後來被踢出行星行列不被承認,希望不久的將來能被大眾接受,這意味著大多數同志的心聲。


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This article was written by Roy Tan.