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SgButterfly, better known as 'SgB', is an online portal founded on the 5 October 2005. It is designed and dedicated to Singapore's transgender community as a platform to provide goodwill, information and to raise awareness about Transgender people in Singapore.

The website serves as a proper channel for interested parties to discuss issues and voice opinions that help contribute to a better understanding of the transgender community.

SgB hopes to promote awareness of this growing community by reaching out to the general public in order to gain understanding. By working hand-in-hand with other LGBT communities, and local and international groups and their related sites, SgB's forum actively exchanges ideas and provides relevant information that yields different opinions which reflects the voices and lifestyle of Singapore's transgender community from all walks of life.


The SgB project was initiated by Daniel Kaw with the help of 3 'sistas' (layman's term in the Singapore transgender community to address a male-to-female transgender person). The idea was first thought of when Kaw was introduced to the world of Singapore's transsexuals by a sista, which gave him the insight into the joy and sorrow of transgender people.

Due to the lack of online information, the initial set-up was not easy. The portal was only able to reach out to the net-savvy people and it was hoped that those who had a close feeling towards transgenders would step in and create an online community presence.


SgB also aims to reach out to the new generation of transgender individuals and look into their ways of living - how they adapt and adjust to the modern social and working lifestyle in Singapore. SgB encourages its members to step out and interact and, most importantly, build a close bond between themselves to share valuable personal experiences.

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