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The Singapore Medical Council (SMC), a statutory board under the Ministry of Health, maintains the Register of Medical Practitioners in Singapore, administers the compulsory continuing medical education (CME) programme and also governs and regulates the professional conduct and ethics of registered medical practitioners.


Section 5 of the Medical Registration Act (Cap 174) states that the functions of the SMC are to:

  • Keep and maintain registers of registered medical practitioners;
  • Approve or reject applications for medical registration under the MRA or to approve any such application subject to such restrictions as it may think fit;
  • Issue practising certificates to registered medical practitioners;
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate authorities on the courses of instructions and examinations leading to the Singapore degree;
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate authorities for the training and education of registered medical practitioners;
  • Determine and regulate the conduct and ethics of registered medical practitioners; and
  • Generally do all such acts and matters and things as are necessary to be carried out under the MRA.


Pursuant to Section 4 of the Medical Registration Act (relating to the constitution of the Medical Council), the Singapore Medical Council shall consist of the following members:

  • the Director of Medical Services;
  • 2 Registered Medical Practitioners from each prescribed medical school in Singapore to be appointed by the Minister on the nomination of the Council of the university to which the prescribed medical school belongs, one of whom shall be the Dean of the medical school;
  • 12 Registered Medical Practitioners (resident in Singapore) elected by the fully registered medical practitioners resident in Singapore; and
  • 8 Registered Medical Practitioners (resident in Singapore) appointed by the Minister.

Council members[]

The SMC currently comprises 25 members. Besides the Director of Medical Services, who is the Registrar of the Council, 11 of the members are elected by registered medical practitioners and the others are appointed by the Minister for Health.

The Council Members are:


  • Prof Chee Yam Cheng


  • A/Prof Kenneth Mak

Members from Medical Schools[]

  • Prof Chong Yap Seng (YLLSoM, NUS)
  • Prof Lynette Shek Pei Chi (YLLSoM, NUS)
  • Prof Pang Weng Sun (LKC, NTU)
  • Prof Chan Choong Meng (Duke-NUS, NUS)

Elected Members[]

  • Dr Chen Suet Ching Jeanette
  • Dr Chuang Wei Ping
  • Adj A/Prof Chua Swee Boon Raymond
  • Dr Hee Hwan Ing
  • Dr Ho Kok Sun
  • Dr Leong Choon Kit
  • Dr Lim Khong Jin Michael
  • Dr Lim Ah Leng
  • A/Prof Ng Wei Keong Alan
  • Dr Tay Miah Hiang
  • Prof Venkataraman Anantharaman

Appointed Members[]

  • A/Prof Chen Fun Gee
  • A/Prof Chew Suok Kai
  • A/Prof Ng Suah Bwee Agnes
  • A/Prof Rathi Mahendran
  • Dr Subramaniam Surajkumar
  • A/Prof Tan Beng Hoi Agnes
  • Prof Tan Puay Hoon
  • Clinical A/Prof Tan Su-Ming

Election of members[]

Every fully-registered medical practitioner resident in Singapore who has in force a practising certificate on the day of election of candidates as members of the Medical Council shall vote for the election of such members at such time and in such manner as may be prescribed.

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