Terence Soon was a pilot at Singapore Airlines (SIA). He was also a politician and a member of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), heading its youth wing. He contested in the 2020 General Elections as part of a five-person team that eventually garnered 36.9% of the vote in Tanjong Pagar GRC, losing out to a People's Action Party slate led by Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing. In April 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he quit the party as a member, citing job and family considerations.

Prior to joining SIA, he was running his own business in the private aviation industry. He is a firm supporter of enterprise and of enabling youths to start their own ventures. He started a new co-curricular activity (CCA) during his secondary school days with a couple of other friends, to focus on moulding budding entrepreneurs.

Soon believes that there is no shame in failing multiple times in life, as long as one can pick oneself up and become stronger every time. He did not do well in his ‘A’ Levels, and had to retake them as a private candidate. He then started a business while in university because he is an ardent believer in doing what one is passionate in, and that if there is no opportunity out there for you at that moment; you must have the hunger to create your own.

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