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This [[wiki]] aims to provide readers with comprehensive information regarding [[Singapore]] [[LGBT]] culture and history.
It was set up by [[Roy Tan]] and attempts to integrate all the disparate sources of information on Singapore's [[LGBT]] community into one convenient site.
In 2005, Tan realised the potential of the then nascent [[Wikipedia]] in informing local mainstream society and the world at large about Singapore's [[LGBT]] culture and history.
The advantage of [[Wikipedia]] was that knowledgeable contributors could consolidate widely scattered pockets of information into a one-stop reference site. This was unlike any Singaporean [[LGBT]] website that had existed before like [[Yawning Bread]], [[Fridae]] or [[Trevvy]] in which only authorised writers could pen articles.
Tan created the first Singapore [[LGBT]]-related [[Wikipedia]] article entitled '''Singapore gay movement''' under the [[username]] of '''Groyn88''' on 12 April 2005. He subsequently started all the other articles on Singaporean [[LGBT]] culture there in the ensuing months.
Howevever, his hope that other contributors would chip in and expand the articles he pioneered was not realised and he ended up doing most of the updating himself. Moreover, many Singaporean editors of [[Wikipedia]] were [[homophobic]] and deleted entire articles or huge chunks of extant articles, claiming that they were not significant enough for a prestigious reference work such as [[Wikipedia]]. They later blocked him from making any further contributions[].
In dismay, Tan looked for an alternative site to transfer the articles to. He was overjoyed when he found [[SgWiki]], a site hosted on a local server and which used the same [[wiki]] [[markup language]] as [[Wikipedia]]. He then ported all the articles in September 2005 to [[SgWiki]][], which had a more liberal and LGBT-friendly policy. Even then, some articles deemed sensitive because they rebutted religious condemnation of [[homosexuality]] were also deleted by [[SgWiki]]'s administrators.
Another drawback was that articles on [[SgWiki]] did not rank as high up on [[Google]] and other search engines as the much more globally popular Wikipedia.
Tan also replicated all the Singapore [[LGBT]]-related articles on user-constructed knowledge sites such as the now-defunct [[Knol]] (an initiative of [[Google]]) and on other wikis such as the [[PBwiki]][] and [[Wikidot]][]. These websites enabled registered users to have complete editorial control over their articles and not be subjected to the whims of appointed editors. However, these wikis used different [[markup language]]s form [[Wikipedia]], therefore making porting articles much more difficult than just copying and pasting. The articles first had to be translated to the different wiki language used by the site.
In 2012, Tan searched for and managed to find websites such as [[Shoutwiki]][!], [[Wikia]][] and [[Orain]][] (now defunct) which used the same [[wiki]] [[markup language]] as [[Wikipedia]]. He then transplanted all the [[SgWiki]] articles to these sites - easily accomplished by direct copying and pasting with no translation required.
=How to use=
To begin, you could first read the most central main article, [[Homosexuality in Singapore]], or click on one of the links below to see all the articles in the category, or type a keyword in the search box at the top of the page.
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